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Up Out My Face

Nicki Minaj white afro




Yo, Mariah,

I was in them million dollar meetings,

He was cheatin’,

All up in the church,

He was sneakin’ with the deacon,

Cats away, while the mice will play,

Lol smiley face,

Have a nice a day,

Cause pop-pop-pop it goes my rubberband,

So stop-stop-stop sa-niffin’ that contraband,

Cause you was penny pinchin’,

My accounts laced,

ATTENTION… up out face!


2nd Verse[Nicki Minaj:]

Stylin’ on them,

Big B’s brought the Benz out,

Elevator, press P for the Penthouse,

cop doze and we break like tacos,

Roscoe’s on his knees with a snot nose,

They be like she next,

Kawasaki T-Rex,

Give him some kleenex,

Match his little V-necks,

Oh, that’s what he left,

Let his momma pick it up,

Might back up on ’em,

Vroom-vroom, with the pickup truck,

That blue and yellow,

Yeah that’s the Carmelo Jag,

I bob and weave ’em,

Hit him with that Mayweather jab,

I get the thumbs up,

Like I’m hailin’ a yellow cab,

My flow nuts like M&M’s in a yellow bag





Up Out My Face

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