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the signs as comments on nicki minaj's picture

aries: shit nicki ur boops are watermelons! 0.o
taurus: You bobs is biggiii
gemini: I wanna fuck these boobes
cancer: Oh fuck the big tit! Your bobs are so nice and lovely similar to my cat roger
leo: Fuck nick the galactic tit
virgo: It look nice boobs baby.
libra: Dan Nicky your bobbie s
scorpio: These are a big feast!!!😻
sagittarius: You have huge boobs. I’d like to see those. And that butt. Dman
capricorn: Mhhgmm… I want to put my face in those tater tots
aquarius: hey noik nice batistas
pisces: Waw big
Source: Pinkprint Tour, plus more about Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Romans

the signs as comments on nicki minaj's picture

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