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Nicki Minaj in black




[Gucci Mane:]

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah


Ah ah ah gucci ah


[Verse: Gucci Mane]

I gotta shoppin problem

She gotta shoppin problem

I’m a composive shopper

So I’m a cop her prada

I’m a ice her outta

Make ya talk about her

She got this thang about her

Yea she a sexy walker


We shoppin in maraco

I took her to go buy

Lil mama stupid fly

So tell me watcha like

Cause gurls I like to buy

My money stupid fat

His money on a diet

Ten stacks to keep her quiet

I make her call me daddy

Yea there go daddy baby

And she loves daddy cause

Daddy gone keep dem hatin

Yea they hatin baby

They wanna trade places

I call her sexy lady

She call me gucci baby


[Chorus: x2]

She gotta fendi fetish

She gotta shoppin problem

Dat gurls a shopaholic

She only mess with ballers

She gotta gucci fetish

She gotta louie problem

She gotta shoppin problem

Dat gurls a shopaholic


[Verse: Nicki Minaj]

Yo I’m a need a couple of dem benzess…

I be out in china spendin yenzesss

Gucci on my lenzzess

My leather so sensitive

Scratch my 9 o’ clock

I wanna shop make ya tenezzzz

Dilly dilly d look at all deze hoochies

I be on tha beach in Emilio Pucci

I’m a I’m tha best I’m tha best ask Khaled

Sorry lil daddy dat cards not valid

I need unlimited limited black cards, like I’m racist

With dem real big faces

Louis Vuitton cases

Hoes in da hood say Nicki Minaj booshie…

I do it b.I.g. so I keep a couple coogies hoezzzz






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