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Shake It For Daddy

Nicki Minaj Vibe Magazine Out-takes




Verse 1

Ayo I Be I Be I Be I Be I Be On That Money S**t Get That Sloppy Toppy Roger Copy I Be Runinning S**t Money In The Air Its A Festival Cuz I got Ba Ba Ba Ba Balls No Testicules I’m Flyer Than A Eagle That’s Balding I Throw It Back Like Hair Lines that’s Balding I Stay Balling I Don’t Mean Spalding I Never Answer Wen The Refures Calling

Verse 2

You Was Sleeing On Me thinking It Was Slumber Time

Now Imma trending The Topic Lil Mamma Number Sign

wanna Play Meet Me At The Fumble Line

Cuz I’m A Ninja Kawabunga Time

rap it Like A Bee But Nope I Don’t Sting A Ling

Shing A Linq A Linq I Show Dem The Middle Finger Ring

Ting A Ling A Ling School Bell A Ring a Ling

Stick Shift The Ding A Ling

More Like Yao Ming A Ling

Excuse Me Wat Happen I’m Flyer Than A Robin

I’m Flyer Than A Eagle Ya Dun A Make It Nothig

And Wen I Pop My Pussy, I Pop It On His Suzki

I Pop It So Crazy Cooky I’m Back In Them Dazi Dookies

I Be Shakin It For Daddy He Want More More More

Got That Bently Go That Caddie And There All Four Door

If I Pull Him By The Collar Boy He Gonna Holla

I Be Shakin It For Daddy He Want More More More



Shake It For Daddy

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