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Set It Off


Nicki Minaj photo red boots




(Nicki Minaj)

You was on stage but ya brain on drugs

nick nack carry crack what my nick name was

and when you was in the hood with bottles of OE

i was OT lookin real low key

i do a strip tease if the cops stop me

a pair of guess jeans and some beef and brocolies

i was at the rucker i was sippin on a smucker

i was rockin hats that was made for the truckers

thats when i hopped out the pink on pink

hate it when a bitch act like her shit dont stink

see you was drippin wet you was jumpin in the crowd

i was in a jet i was swervin through a cloud


(Nicki Minaj)

time machine bitches always talkin bout the old days

when they was hot when they was tourin with the O Jays

i tell a bitch this im not impressed bitch

im Nicki M. trick im always n the guest list

im on my way to Rikers Island with a couple hard

im on a bike; nine five four double R

and they don’t right shit they might write a couple bars

thats why they gettin dropped dropped like in couple cars

(you shouldnt have said that)

NY to NO

late night shows like lettermen and lenno

anyway you cut it or slice you’re garbajj

white boys tell me that i rock like guitars





Set It Off

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