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Nicki receives praise from Kanye West

Nicki Minaj wearing stars and stripes

Nicki Minaj at rehearsals

Nicki receives praise from Kanye West

Kanye West stopped by the Oxford Guild Society in England on Monday to talk to the students there, where he said that Nicki Minaj was ‘one of the best things’ about his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Nicki returned the compliment telling MailOnline in an interview that, “I adore him. He gave me a great opportunity, there’s no way I could ever outshine him I mean he’s just brilliant.”

“He done something that I’ll never forget, you know, he’s given me one of the best opportunities that I’ve ever gotten in my career.”

Nicki went on to say, “Sometimes I think I put more pressure on myself than people would ever know.”

Adding, “I have always pushed the envelope with lyrics and I always want people to say and talk about a dope Nicki line, and I have always been that way.”

“I think that I have inspired new female rappers to not only talk about your vagina but to also say witty things that dudes say and put it in our own words and just be lyrical with it.”

Nicki continued to say, “I can be sexual, I can be lyrical and I can be emotional, and you really don’t find that a lot and not just with women but with men too.”

Talking about her Anaconda video she said, “When I set out to do Anaconda, I definitely wanted something that was going to give girls permission to be curvy or be thick.”

“I felt like we had come to a place where we were all worshipping the skinny girls, and I think that we always need to be reminded there are lots of different kinds of girls out there and they need to feel like we represent them too.”

Nicki starts her Pinkprint Tour on March 16th and brings her show to London’s O2 Arena on March 28 as she went on to say about her show, “I think this year it’s been so much more freeing and maybe because The Pinkprint touches on a lot of things, but I think just as a human being, I feel free now and I’m going to continue being free and if that’s sharing more then that’s what I’ll do.”

“I felt like I had come to a different space in my life and I realized it’s ok to be happy and not really care what people’s opinions are because they’re going to have opinions no matter what.”

Quickly adding, “That doesn’t mean that I’ll continue to share everything but I just feel good enough to not share.”




Nicki receives praise from Kanye West

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