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Nicki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus

Nicki Minaj wins

Nicki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus

Nicki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus

Get ready fans because Miley Cyrus is going to be hosting Saturday Night Live on October 3rd, and Nicki is going to be watching the show closely according to insiders.

If you remember a few weeks back on the VMA’s when Nicki and Miley started feuding, and the show had to cut Nicki’s mic in mid sentence.

Well, Nicki is said to be expecting Miley to shoot her mouth off again on SNL and she’ll plans on watching the show to see what she says.

A source close to Nicki said, “Nicki’s tired of playing games with these kids in Hollywood and if Miley’s going to attack her on SNL, it’s going to be open season on her Hannah Montana ass.”

“Comedy aside, Nicki thinks Miley is a little diva who says inappropriate things about people. She craves attention by taking off her clothes and showing her body all over social media. Nicki thinks she fails every time and needs to keep her little clothes on. Nicki also takes what Miley says about her personally. Miley has a pension for going too far and not knowing when to bow down and show respect.”

Nicki is hoping the Miley will drop the whole thing but if she doesn’t…….. well the claws will be coming out




Nicki Minaj vs Miley Cyrus

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