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Nicki Minaj Stops Show After Fights Breakout

Nicki Minaj at Concord Pavilion

Nicki Minaj with fans at Concord Pavilion

Nicki Minaj Stops Show After Fights Breakout

It’s not the way Nicki wanted to end her concert, but with a big fight breaking out in the audience she had little choice.

It happened Friday night at her show held the Concord Pavilion in San Francisco as she performed to a sold out show during her Pinkprint Tour.

See that a fight had started in the crowd she quickly yelled in the her mic ‘Stop, stop, stop’ of course the brawlers didn’t listen and security had to break it up.

One young women got sprayed in the face by a security guard which upset Nicki and she called out for the woman to be brought up on stage, saying, “This girl that just got sprayed with mace in her face, come here. Bring her over here. Come here, come here, quick.”

A 22 year old man was arrested for assaulting one of the security guards. Nicki tried to downplay the incident posting on her Instagram, ‘Sold out show in the Bay Area last night ❤️. They were more than turnT… Let’s just say that. Lol. Can’t wait to see u guys again.’

Nicki will now be heading back to Canada for shows in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton before returning to end her tour in New York.




Nicki Minaj Stops Show After Fights Breakout

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