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Nicki Minaj Relaxes in Hawaii

Nicki Minaj in Hawaii

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill in Hawaii

Nicki Minaj Relaxes in Hawaii

After a very busy weekend in Las Vegas, Nicki along with Meek and Candi flew to Honolulu, Hawaii for a little rest and relaxation.

Arriving in Hawaii on board her chartered private jet, she posed for photos standing alongside the plane which she posted on her Instagram.

And it just so happened to be Meeks 28th birthday with Nicki posting the message “Happy Birthday Rihmeek”. Rihmeek is actually Meek’s middle name and he was born May 6, 1987.

On her “Buy A Heart” collaboration she rhymes on the track, “Rihmeek, I’ma have to tell the truth if I speak.”

“Unless you want to play / you ain’t say this the other day.”

“You said you was in love / and I still didn’t budge / ’Cause I already seen how you be going in when you be in them clubs.”

“I’m not even sure if this is right but, it feels good.”

Wednesday, Nicki and company were seen out riding ATV’s in the Hawaiian backcountry with about 10 other riders.

The 32 year old rap queen is seen on board a red ATV wearing a black helmet, jeans and halter top as she rode along with The group.









Nicki Minaj Relaxes in Hawaii

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