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Mi Casa

onstage during the 2010 BET Awards held at the Shrine





i gott dhat hardd gucc

u noee desee bitchess eazy

i gott thatt cold fluu

I got dhatt itchy sneezy

u in dhat mitzubeeshy

im in dhat bently gt

im takin trips wid papi

u walkie talkie copy

i gott demm pookiee feens

miqht rOCC summ juicyy jeanss

i meann summ juicy sweatss

maybee sum lose yuh seps

i playy foul no free throw

bitch i ball no peep show

deadass no peep showw !

brought ah run pronto

w| ah front condo

daughter , son gon doh

watchin telemundo

flyer den ah rocket

money in my poly pockets

whachuu coppin

keep dhat work insidee my piffy lonqq stockinqss




Mi Casa

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