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Letcha Go

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Baby Boy You Must Got Nicki Twisted

I Would Of Left B4 But You Insisted

Said That I Was Your All & I Believed You

That’s Y It Hurts To The Cure I Gotta Leave You

How Could You Love Me & Humiliate Me

You Ain’t My Man Don’t Affiliate Me

With All Your Plans Cusz You Really Made Me

A Lil Bitch When That Really Ain’t Me

Mondays Was The Fun Days

From The Slums To The Runway

Runs In The Hyundai

Niggas Didn’t Have Your Money It Was Gun Play

Use To Tell Me To Listen To What A Thug Say

At Night I Would Sleep On You

& I Guess I Did Sleep On You

Cusz When They Said It I Said Creep On Who?

No Not My Boo Ain’t What He Gone Do



Oh Now You Wanna Be With Me

But You Can’t Be With Me

Boy Leave Me Alone

You Know You Did Me Wrong

So I Gotta Letcha Go

If You Wanted Me In Yah Life

You Should Of Treated Me Right

Boy Leave Me Alone

You Know You Did Me Wrong

So I Gotta Letcha Go


Verse 2

Why You Sayin You Ain’t Feel Her

You Was In The Villa

She Was In The White Chinchilla

You Was Sippin On A Miller

May Bitch Pam Had The Hidden Cam Like Killa

Funny How You Win Some You Lose Some

Never Worry Where Yah Income Would Come From

Cuz No Matter Where You Was I Held You Down

Up North Or Uptown So How You Sound

Now You All Up In My Face Bout You Make Mistakes

If I Knew You Was Fake I Would Of Laced Yah Steak

Strict 9 One Time In Yah Welcher’s Grape

Quite Lyin Why You Lyin I Watched The Tape

Now Get Up Out My Dressin Room

Give Me Some F’N Room

Go Get Yah Mind Right & Take It As A Lesson Learn

Just Like Usher Nigga You Gone Have To Let It Burn

To The Left & I Ain’t Talkin Bout Jigga Girl







Letcha Go

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