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I Feel Free

Nicki Minaj, has a lot to be thanking her Barbz and Kenz for as her debut album 'Pink Friday'




[Nicki Minaj:]

Hopped off the boat, I am such a immigrant

Why he get Nicki Minaj tatted on his ligament

Wait, just for the record get wetter than fisherman

Pull up with some 26s up under the Michelin’s

You know I pop-pop-pop it like a pistol

That’s why I keep my wrist lookin’ like a disco

And everywhere I go they tell me that I’m pretty

My money slow, my money stupid, money ditsy

Mami you bad, but Nicki is badder

Step your cookies up; go get you a ladder

We do it early like Cheerios and a bagel

I feel freer than the slaves on the railroad


You think I’m lying

I feel like I’m flying

I feel like I’m finally free


I’m free

Im free

Im free



I feel free

I’m rollin’ with my niggas and we just bought the bar

I feel free

Shorty lookin’ at me ’cause she know I’m a star

I feel free

I’m in the club and I’m tryna get right

I feel free

Most of all ’cause I got life

I feel free




I Feel Free

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