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Higher Than A Kite

Nicki Minaj back in 2009, I was very skeptical of her talent.




[Lil Wayne:]

Hello World

Young Mulaaaa Babyyyyy!


[Nicki Minaj:]

Murder Dem, Murder Dem, Just 1 Word Body A 3rd Of Dem.

I Kick Kick Game Can’t Injure Nicki, That’s Why They Nick Nicknamed Me Ninja Nicki,

I’m Such A Yes, And Your A No No,

Live With A Dragon, And I Wear A Kimono,

I’m from the Philliphines, Badder Than Billy-Jean, Is That Why I Get Mo Head Than The Guillotine?

Then You Dumb Struck, Cause You Bumbs Suck,

Where Da Um? Where The Fuck Is My Nun-Chucks,

I’m In Tokyo With The Cokekeyo, Somebody Sleepin In My Bed Like Nokio,

You Gettin Ill I Bet, Poppin A Pill Again,

I’m On The Island, And I’m Lookin For Gillgan,

And Where My Timberlands, O God I’m Trembling,

Can’t Find My keys, But I Kno I Hear’Em Jingling,

Your Such A Marilyn, Monroe & Manson,

I Got Some Heroin, Wanna Go dancing?,

You At The Door? Ok.

I’m Bout To Come Now,

Im Gettin Numb Now,

Don’t Let Me Come Down.



Sniffin On Sum Good Blow,(Nicki Minaj)

It’s Like I’m Sippin On A Temple, (Hahahaha)

And I Can’t Come Down Now,

Cause I’m A Higher Than, Higher Than, Higher Than A Kite.


[Lil Wayne (talking):]

Its The President Yall & Thats The Mistress,

Young Mulaaa Babyyyy


[Lil Wayne:]

Yehhhhh, I Do What I Does

I Come Through This Bitch Wrist Blue In Cause I’m So 5 Star Suwop To The Bloods

And Before I Had A Mirror I Knew Who I Was

I Know Where I’m Goin I Knew Where I Was

Dattt Datt Dirtyyy Dirtyyy South See My Shoes From Da Mud

Who Can You Trust? Who Can You Love? When Love Kills Like Somebody Gave Cupid A Gun

It Goes (PLOW) Like You Shooting For Fun And Sometimes The Solution Is Execution For Some,

Besides You Don’t Want That Intrusion At 1, AM In The Conclusion Is That You Loosing The Sun

Don’t Inducein My Funds, I Smoke The Fruitiest Blunts, I Mean The Stupidiest Buzz I Get Stupid As Duhhh

I Swear My Dubbie Is Uhhhh, Fat, And Just Like It You Can’t Get Lit

Shit Don’t Stank When You Shittin’ In A Bank

Let A Man Run An Errand I’m A Hit Him Like Hank

Look Em’ In Tha Eye And A Nigga Might Blink

Aim At His Brain And A Nigga Might Thank (Listen)



Sniffin On Sum Good Blow (Young Money)

It’s Like I’m Sippin On A Temple (Dirty Money)

And I Can’t Come Down Now (Cash Money)

Cause I’m A Higher Than, Higher Than, (Young Mulaaa Babyyy) Higher Than A Kite


[Lil Wayne:]

Yo, Its The President Man, & The Mistress Miss Nicki Minaj AKA Nicki Lewinsky

Hahaha Yeah & I Am The President, Shut Ya Mouth. Haha





Higher Than A Kite

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