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Get Silly!

Nicki Minaj the new queen of Rap




Holiday Season, Aye!


(Holiday Season … Trapaholics)

Na Nanana


Na I’ma dime, You a nickelette/Lightskinneded pigament/Write my own shit ya’ll copyrighting infringement/I eat these rap bitches somebody give me a dentiment/Pussy make ’em tattoo my name upon his ligaments


Fuck wrong with them my nerves they keep tweaking/Tell ’em I’m the chief I’m runnin’ with mohicans/Tell ’em this is church and tell ’em I am the deacon/Tell ’em that I’m black, chinese, and butter pecan


Pull up in the Range I’m givin’ ’em mo’ reasons(mo reasons)/Hit up Lil Wayne boo I’m in the four seasons(four seasons)/ Tell Gudda, Mack, and Kid Kid I’m here/I’m colder than a cough I’m wetter than swimwear/


Got all these lil bitches g-gettin the pink heer(hair)/I’m pretty and I’m fly I’m up in a pink lear/I needed an assistant I got me a pink queer/Decorated his office with flowers and pink cheers(chairs)/ Cheers, Cheers!


Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky the Mistress

Where the fuck is the President?! Haha Young Money!





Get Silly!

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