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Dead Wrong

Nicki Minaj “Right Through Me”.




You be yellin boom boom

when yah really pum pum

See my flow hotter then noon in june june

If Biggie was alive he sign me

Im the New Edition like Bobby && Ronnie

Just give me the beat && a bottle of Dasani

&& I dont need Clyde

Im a boss Fuck a Bonnie

Yah digg?

Religious like the preachers

Came here to warn yah

Listen bitches im the teacher

Go sit in the corner

How many Times I gotta spit

Till they noe that im the bitch

Im flyer Den a maget

Im on sum shit

1st they love you then they switch

Yea they switch like fagets

Thats why I keep the lama

In Gabana Fabric

Im the shit

Should be in pampers

Like Markie Bizz

Give anybody the business

Like hers or his’s

Cuz my flow tighter then them virgin bitches

you noe them asalamlakum dem Persian bitches

&& if you miss me Im swervin 6’s

Got damn aint even pregnant but im birthin bitches

Cuz I got Flavor like that girl


Stop actin Like you a killa with them girly disses bitches

I aint johnny but my my my

she want it with me tell her fi bloodclot try

you aint through im the truth you a lie

My whole borough yellin out boom bye bye

cuz when I seen her she was shakin in her boots

When Nicki came thru she was throwin up her duce

Slap her then I asked her wats my name

She said N.I.C

The president of the NYC

Yah dead wrong


These bitches is buns

You got it going on

Aye Yung Nic yah dead wrong


Okay .

Chea !

Dirty money nigga wha?


When I do it it’s done & goddid it I won nigga – Im dead wrong

My nigga patty to the dupe, nigga catty to the coupe nigga chea ya dead wrong

My nigga diggs on the board, Oh lordy on the board nigga ya dead wrong..





Dead Wrong

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