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[Verse 2 – Nicki Minaj]

Wobbledy wobble, wo-wo-wobble, wobbin’

Ass so fat, all these bitches’ pussies is throbbin’

Bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter

Somebody point me to the best ass-eater

Tell ‘im “Pussy clean!” I tell them “Pussy squeaky!”

Niggas give me brain ’cause all of them niggas geeky

If he got a mandingo, then I buy him a dashiki

And bust this pussy open in the islands of Waikikiiiiii

Kiss my ass and my anus, ’cause it’s “Finally Famous”

And it’s finally soft, yeah, it’s finally solved!

I don’t know, man, guess them ass shots wore off!

Bitches ain’t poppin’, Google, my ass

Only time you on the net is when you Google my ass

Y-y-you fuckin’ little whores, fu-fuckin’ up my decors

Couldn’t get Michael Kors if you was f-ckin’ Michael Kors

B-B-Big Sean, b-boy, how big is you?

Gimme all yo’ money and gimme all yo’ residuals

Then slap it on my ass, ass, ass




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