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Curious George





Yo why these bitches in the game gettin serious for

i was just playin when i said you look like curious george

i mean i was in the SL

ice on the Bez-Zel

I ain’t mad at you Lil mama you a sketel

I’m a winna you dat think dat start with a es L

rhyme with a cruzer End with a r-ra

yup your a loser I am a super star-a

f.a.b.o I do it like tacara (f.a.b.o)

cause yall sum dylon hoes

try to fuck up ma band I fucks with nylon hoes

I got tha pumps an tha bumps

tha pumps in da trunks incase I gotta spaz an blast you mudda cunts (blaaa)

I had 2 laugh at dat 1

bitch get outta line I’m a slap da fat one (ooh)

I’m such a maniac

Where wayne at I’m tryna get sum brianiac (ooh)

I gets down like when niggs is shootin

Mami I style wild like wen niggas is lootin

hoes is mad cause these hoes is loosin

dey do alot of walkin I do alot of cruzin

put da top in da back of da trunk

take off ma shoe slap a bitch with da back of da pump

I ain’t neva had a problem givin bitches da business

Pop bitches in da eye like a finish ma spinach

Imma newyork broad spend chips in da village

hopped out da yellow cab oops da yellow jaguar

girls don’t like me guess

it’s da swagger don’t talk 2 me bout chicks got skills

shes alrite but shes not real

listen big homey I’m dat deal

I say I body bitches means dat bitch got killed

ridin da base line like I’m quille o’neal


[Bridge] 2x


now how many bitches do it take 2 knock me down

you know bitches gone hate

but I don’t giva fuck who you bodied on tape

I’m in to movin weight

Mami in an out of state

let’s get it now





Curious George

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